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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Akash Metal Works

Akash Metal Works was started in 2005 as a small, Ambattur, Chennai. We have developed an extensive range of Aluminium ingots of local distributor. Our highly-qualified team of 50+ employees are keen to provide full advisory support. Our yearly turnovers 10 crores plus and we have authorized pollution control certificate. Throughout the manufacturing process, we pay close attention to the development of the smallest details.
The end product will symbolize quality, comfort, and impeccable style. We provide high quality products and reliable services, embodying our company's commitment to strive for excellence.It is our goal to be a reliable supplier and exporter of products, which reach the highest level of technical complexity and quality for both global and domestic markets.

How We Work

Our Big Solutions

    Owing to the tremendous technical innovation in aluminum alloy processing and casting industry, aluminum alloy has become one of the most versatile materials on earth. It is widely used in a variety of aspects and has become indispensable to all kinds of industry. We continue our processes to further enhance production capacity to meet the growing demand of the market.
  • Aluminum Alloy Ingots
    Our Aluminum Alloy Ingots act as a raw material which is used in automobiles, electrical & pressure die casting industries There exist various alloys like LM6, ADC-12, AC4B and many more as per customer requirements, Furthermore, our Aluminum Ingots are available at very nominal cost. Our service includes raw material segregation, melting, refining. etc. casting and packing.
  • Raw Material
    We accept all kind of Aluminum scrap and aluminum alloy based raw materials. Our abundant raw materials are Aluminium Scrap Tense, Taint Tabor, Utensils, Tread/ Profile, Taldon, Talk, Telic, Tassel, Terse, Testy, Throb and etc. as per ISRI specifications.
  • Quality Control
    The company has its own in house testing lab equipped with Optical Emission Spectrometer for Analysis of the Samples/Ingots to monitor the raw material, quality, the composition of the molten metal in the furnace and quality of the final alloy ingots along with Sample preparation machine The operation parameters are closely monitored to ensure best quality products to fulfill customers’ requirements as per their specification to ensure that the customer gets the best for value paid. The final testing is carried out prior to dispatch.
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